Eat the Sand

Eat the Sand is a small plant nursery, homestead, and database for Florida permaculture, and is a part of the larger homesteading community. We raise rabbits and ducks, and we propagate and sell edible plants for home gardeners, homesteaders, and enthusiasts, like you.

Check out the Articles written by our Lead Grower, Ten, and see what we have growing on in the shop.

“They were shipped the same day and arrived well packaged. All of the plants had great root systems and they are already growing leaves. Thank you for amazing plants and wonderful service!”

Janelle, etsy

“Plants arrived as promised, healthy and ready for planting. A week and a half later, the plants were looking awesome. I am very happy with my purchase and will keep returning to the seller for more plants. Thank you!”

Michael, etsy

“Arrived quickly, packed very lovingly, and the seller was super helpful when I had a question.”

Nancy, etsy

The Crew

Tentance and team use rabbits and ducks to clean and fertilize the homestead. Both are voracious eaters of weeds. The team primarily utilizes fast-growing water plants to provide most of the daily nutrition for all the animals.

Our Philosophy

We work very hard to teach others the importance of using and preserving important edible and medicinal plants. We also strive to be as food sustainable as possible.

Etsy Shop

The listings on Etsy are what plants Eat Your Sand has an abundance of. These plants also grow extremely well in Florida. If you see a plant featured on the site that you are interested in buying, please message and we will create an Etsy listing for it.