Recap of Scrubfest

We attended the second annual Scrubfest at Scrubland Farmz, which was a nice little venue complete with chicken tractors and an edible plant nursery. They put out a small children’s area, where Peanut happily played in the water. The farm had small plantings of fruit trees surrounded by blooming Cassia, which was the first time I noticed that Cassia is probably a legume. The nursery had a wide variety of edible plants, of which we ended up buying jackfruit and thornless raspberry, both to try out on the backyard. Dad ended up buying some Everglades Tomato seeds, probably because he knows we wanted to try them to see if they really are all they say they are. The lectures were interesting, none of it new information, but interesting nonetheless. No less than three of the lectures spoke about Everglades Tomato and Seminole Pumpkin, these must be introductory plants for northerners. No one was talking about my favorite survival plants, water hyacinth, cannas, and kangkong.

That being said, check out what this young man had to say about Scrubfest

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